RPS Twin Carbon-Carbon Clutch for 93-98 Supra TT

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Vendor : RPS

Sku : RPStwin-V160

RPS Carbon/Carbon Features

  • Formula One technology for the Street and Strip 
  • Aerospace quality billet materials 
  • Formula One style carbon-carbon 
  • CNC machining 
  • Dynamically balanced 
  • Ultra smooth engagement properties 
  • Super long lasting carbon-carbon material on all wear surfaces 
  • Half the price of other carbon clutches! 
  • Fully rebuildable for life unlike the Tilton

RPS\'s Patent Pending Carbon/Carbon Twin Disc clutch and flywheel offers us high HP guys the final word in clutch technology! 

This clutch is proven to hold well over 800lbs/torque. It\'s virtually indestructible and completely rebuildable should you ever be able to wear it out, and you can drive it like a stock clutch! 

This is a dream clutch for a hard core drag racer. This is also a dream clutch for a daily driver. How can it be both? The answer is in the carbon. The pedal pressure is slightly heavier than stock and it\'s completely slippable. In fact, the hotter it gets the more power it holds! Hardcore slipping does not glaze the discs...all because it\'s carbon! 

RPS Clutch kit includes:
  • 100% New Patent Pending Billet Pressure Plate. This is a completely new pressure plate designed from the ground up and is only 15% stiffer than stock!! This makes it very street friendly. 
  • Your choice of a 14 pound lightweight RPS aluminum flywheel for daily driving and road-racers or a 29 pound chromoly steel flywheel for you hard-core drag racers. 
  • All small parts necessary for installation:
    • Throwout (release) bearing
    • Pilot bearing 
    • Flywheel bolts 
    • Pressure plate bolts 
    • Small snap ring 
    • Large snap ring

  • RPS's patent-pending Twin Carbon discs with a floater plate in between each disc.

If you add up the cost of just 2 "normal" clutches you will see that taking the plunge into this RPS Carbon/Carbon is a great idea financially. 

This clutch has been used and is proven to take the abuse of 9 second passes at the drag strip!!! 

Please choose if you want the Aluminum or Chromoly Steel flywheel below. Please note the Steel Flywheel does cost a little extra.