ProEFI Pressure Sensor

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Vendor : ProEFI

Sku : 9000

Includes sensor and pigtail. 


  • Fuel Pressure 
  • Oil Pressure 
  • Radiator Pressure
By adding a sensor to monitor fuel pressure, you have activated yet another one of the ProEFI's most important features that is Fuel Pressure Compensation. This incredibly intelligent feature will monitor and adapt to your active fuel pressure. 

In the event of any lean condition due to a fuel pressure issue, the ProEFI will automatically widen injector pulse width to maintain a safe Air/Fuel Ratio. Common cases of fuel pressure issues include a failing fuel pump, faulty wiring, clogged fuel injectors, or a clogged fuel filter. In addition, the ProEFI will trigger a Check Engine Light to inform the driver of the issue. 

Fuel Pressure Compensation is easily one of the MOST important and best features of the ProEFI system. I couldn't even count how many engines have been saved based on this one feature. 

Similar fail safes may be established for other engine parameters such as oil pressure.