ProEFI Pro128 ECU And MKIV Supra Harness Only

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Vendor : ProEFI

Sku : 253

Price below is for the computer and the harness only ( does not include sensors, gauge,etc..) See options below to include sensors with your ProEFI system. 

SP is one of the primary Master Distributors and Tuners of the ProEFI. 

For more specific information on all the functionality the ProEFI has to offer please take a look here 

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ProEFI's direction for aftermarket engine control is that of Engine Protection, Dealer Protection, and Consumer Protection. 

Engine Protection  ProEFI has gone to great lengths to provide the tuner the capability to shut the engine down under dangerous operating conditions. ProEFI uses the same technology the factories use, called Fault Logic. When Fault codes are set, actions can be taken to limit, boost pressure, shut down nitrous control, limit rpm, and much more. The factory's adaptive learning of fuel trims, idle control, and spark adjustments make them run consistently through all climate conditions, ProEFI implements this same technology. 

Dealer Protection Using O.E.M. quality ECUs the dealers after support for warranty issues in the hardware installed is virtually eliminated. All ProEFI ECUs go through the same rigorous testing the OEMs demand of their electronics suppliers. You now replace the stock computer with the same quality electronics you remove, and in most cases even better. All ProEFI ECUs are sealed and can operate in up to 10 of water. 

Consumer Protection  ProEFI does not want engine control in incapable hands. All ProEFI Dealers are the most highly trained and most experienced tuners in the business. The dealer will allocate what the end user will have access to. Things like adjusting the target boost settings, selecting a pump gas or race gas setting, traction control, etc... With the adaptive learning features of the ProEFI, you won't need to spend time trying to tweak the settings that changing climates require of current aftermarket ECUs.